About us – Linea Italia Furniture

About The Company

Our company was founded in 1991 when a very intelligent engineer discovered that buying furniture and installing it  was a true issue, so he started designing easy to assemble, easy to carry and long lasting furniture.

He started selling to the market through retailers. Since then, the company started to certify by the highest market standards to assure the best quality of our products, hire the best engineers to improve ideas and make life easier.

Later in 2002 the company started selling around the world starting with the United States and Canada creating strong network relationships.

Our products incorporate our patent-pending i-Assembly® technology, which allows them to be assembled easily and quickly with no tools.

Most Linea Italia products can be assembled in 9 minutes or less.

Combination of features:

  • Steel structures in both our desks and files that provide strength to accommodate a rigorous office environment
  • Laminate tops in trending and traditional colors offer an attractive and durable work surface
  • Easy assembly incorporating our patent-pending i-Assembly® technology, which allows our products to be assembled easily and quickly without tools
  • Modern design and flexibility for a changing work environment
  • Perfect for Small Office,Schools, Hospitals , Hotels , Industrial Plants ,Corporates,Home Office, training and government environments.

Our Value Offer

The products are easy assembly and you don’t require any tools.

Our products can be Re-assembled as many times as needed without loosing any stability or working performance.

Our collections are made  flexible to adapt as you grow your business.

All the Linea Italia’s Furniture are tested in the harshest conditions and are proved to exceed any standard or specification.


Products conform with BIFMA standards

Most of our products can be easily assembled in less than 9 minutes.

Special Ecologic certification for all of our Furniture.

Special system to assemble your furniture very fast with No tools.


Innovation and value-adding partnerships are fundamental values of Linea Italia Inc’s mission.

Linea Italia Inc is a company which, in the entire value chain from concept to furniture user, develops, manufactures and sells office and home office furniture, desks, chairs, file pedestals and receptions.

Linea Italia Inc develops its services to be used in fields of application where product features, design and logistics have to meet invariable requirements, and where quality and environmental management must be documented.


Linea Italia Inc is to be the preferred development partner and supplier to selected leading international manufacturers and major users of upholstered furniture, seats and upholstered surfaces.

Linea Italia Inc will have the status of an attractive workplace and partner company for competent employees and companies.


Linea Italia Inc’s growth is based on partnerships with selected Key Account customers in a global strategy. The selected Key Accounts are chosen on the basis of the total potential which can be realized by the individual customer from Linea Italia Inc’s independent business units.

Linea Italia Inc is constantly attentive to potential acquisitions, alliances and new business areas to optimize its competitiveness and value adding.